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BioWorld's Executive Compensation Report 2014

Trends in C-Level Salaries and Benefits in the Biopharma Market

Skills at Biotech's C-suite level have evolved: has compensation?

The average market cap for BioWorld–tracked companies grew nearly 20 percent versus prior year. Was that increase reflected in executive compensation? Check out BioWorld's 2014 Executive Compensation Report, which delivers systematic compensation data on 740 C-level executives representing 202 companies.

The biopharma market is quite unpredictable these days with M&As, IPOs, downsizings, failing companies and pharmas recruiting biotech executives to jumpstart their R&D agendas. The 2014 Executive Compensation Report monitors, evaluates and formulates trends in the executive compensation paradigms and activities in the biotech market. The new Executive Compensation Report enables you to negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge. It allows you to determine your rank among peers, make competent hiring offers, facilitate the annual executive review process, keep abreast of the market salary dynamics and more!

The BioWorld Executive Compensation Report 2014 provides you with complete salary, bonus and market capitalization data and rankings of six top-level job titles:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • VPs of Research and Development
  • Chief Legal Officers
  • Heads of Business/Corporate Development

Biotechnology is the fastest-growing sector in the life sciences market and that stimulates hiring in C-Level positions to manage growth – Be armed and prepared!

Executive Compensation Report 2014

Only $399.00

Available in PDF version with interactive point & click features – only $399.00