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HONG KONG – Denmark's Novo Nordisk A/S has teamed up with Singapore's Duke-NUS Medical School to provide funding for the next three to five years for stem cell-based research aimed at growing heart muscle and retinal cells to treat heart failure and vision loss.

Multitarget bid with sequencing

Lodo Therapeutics Corp. chalked up with Roche Holding AG's Genentech arm its first major deal for a platform that involves making bioactive natural products directly from the microbial DNA sequence information contained in soil, with Genentech pledging as much as $969 million, which includes an up-front payment of an undisclosed amount.

HONG KONG – China's Luye Pharma Group Ltd. acquired the rights of Astrazeneca plc's antipsychotics Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate) and Seroquel XR. The transaction, which will allow Luye to manufacture the drugs and market them in 51 countries and regions, is a win-win, helping Luye tap into the global market while Astrazeneca seeks to spin off products that are no longer part of its core business.

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