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Editorial Guidelines

Where to Send Your Press Releases

We realize that public relations professionals like to send press releases directly to our staff writers and editors, but please always copy those releases to newsdesk@BioWorld.com. This is our staff “in box” and is monitored throughout the day and insures immediate attention.

We Honor Embargoes

BioWorld is more than willing to honor news embargoes. An early heads up gives us extra time to prepare and conduct research. We promise to keep your news confidential until the stated embargo lifts.

We Treasure Exclusives

BioWorld is the largest and most impactful news service covering the biopharmaceutical industry worldwide. Exclusive delivery of news via BioWorld – before it’s distributed to other news outlets – will garner significant attention within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. And if the news warrants, we will publish a news bulletin, which is a special banner positioning of the story on the website and an immediate delivery of the bulletin via email to subscribers.

BioWorld Publishing Times

BioWorld is posted on www.BioWorld.com each night by 8 p.m. EST and is delivered, via email, just after midnight EST every business day, Monday through Friday.


Tips for Pitching News to BioWorld

News Beats: For regulatory news, pitch Washington Editor Mari Serebrov. For publications or presentations of early stage research, pitch Science Editor Anette Breindl. For trends and analysis appropriate for BioWorld Insight, pitch Insight Editor Peter Winter. We are otherwise beat-agnostic. As mentioned, news can always be sent to newsdesk@BioWorld.com – this account is monitored throughout business hours.

News Coverage: In general, we cover financings, deals, FDA approvals, trial initiations, preclinical and clinical data, regulatory news, commercial biotech earnings, conferences, new companies, and a variety of other news related to the biopharmaceutical industry. We do not cover diagnostics or medical devices unless they are specifically related to the development of a biopharmaceutical. We don’t cover awards (except Nobel and Lasker) or the hiring of service providers. In our weekly publication, BioWorld Insight, we cover emerging trends and take deeper dives into original angles on breaking news. When in doubt, ask.

Our News Prioritization Process: The BioWorld editorial news meeting happens daily at 10 a.m. EST. That’s when we pick the stories for the day, so if you have news that’s complex and needs explanation (i.e. a deal with no terms, but an interesting structure), please reach out to us before then. Our daily copy deadline (the time when stories must be completed by our writers) is 4:30 p.m. EST.

A Note on Going Off the Record: The BioWorld staff depends on industry relationships, and we aren’t going to jeopardize those by printing something said off the record. Off-the-record conversations help us gather background information, and they help you to build the relationship and keep us educated about your company. But remember that it’s vital to clarify the status of the discussion up front.


To contact one of our reporters, visit our Experts page.